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FOX News
Dec 15, 2011 1:00pm PST
in report fashion, the go of the fine state of texas, rick perry, joining us. the debates and you, early going, not a great combination but you are feeling better now. >>guest: yeah, i say let's do a bunch more, i'll come early. >>neil: you made fun of yourself, are you more comfortable. >>guest: i am, look when you make mistakes no one is perfect and we have a great debater in the white house. that is not working real well for us, so i'm a doer, and i have an ad on here in iowa talking about i'm not a talker but a doer talking about a million jobs we created in the state of texas and keeping our taxes low and our regulatory climate fair and predictable and we the 13th largest economy in the world if we were stand alobby entity and the reason i called for. congress has to be up there all the time. no, they don't in our state we work for 140 days every other year, we have a balanced budget amendment and our legislators have real jobs living with the citizens they represent, and --. >>neil: how were more part time could congress be? >>guest: well, cut their pay, that will keep them out tow
FOX News
Dec 18, 2011 3:00am PST
and wearing green pajamas and poka dots. take a look at this from the stadium in dallas, texas, a run away cart, oh, my gosh, plows over a bunch of people after a championship game. one man taken to the hospital with a leg injury and another was hurt, but not seriously. someone finally jumped on the electric cart and stopped it. those are your headlines. >> hate when that happens. >> check with rick reichmuth. i felt he was controlling with it his aye phone. >> that's scary. >> another dry day across the east, the coldest all winter, bundle up as you're heading out this morning. blizzard watches pushing for parts of the plains, that's for, i'll show you that and some severe weather threats across texas as well. and the setup today, not looking that bad. yesterday was pretty calm and a little snow across the great lakes and we'll see that again. and the counter clock wise disturbance about to change everything. a lot of people possibly travelling this week for christmas. the setup on the radar, not looking like frp right now. but throughout the day today. in across arizona and new mexico an
Dec 29, 2011 4:00am PST
. >> reporter: then, there's texas congressman, ron paul. >> something has to change. something will change. >> reporter: who has a strong organization in iowa. and got a boost from state senator kent sorensen, an influential tea party figure. left michele bachmann's campaign to sign up for team paul. >> i think there's clearly two tiers of candidates. i think ron paul is in that top tier. and i'm here to help him. >> reporter: michele bachmann says that ron paul would be a dangerous president. and jon huntsman called him unelectable. sunny and dan? >> wow. definitely a war of words going on there, tahman. all right. so, turning to romney now. if he wins iowa, how would that shape this whole nomination fight? >> reporter: a victory for romney in iowa would be huge. keep in mind that he has almost a 30-point lead in new hampshire, the next state to vote. and iowa voters, the caucusgoers there are very conservative. and the romney campaign would love to show he has patched up problems among conservatives in the republican party. and make it seem as though there's a steady drumbeat to the nomi
Dec 2, 2011 4:00am PST
to meet with his wife this afternoon in atlanta. one of cain's republican rival texas governor rick perry told jay leno last night, he thinks the personal lives of candidates do matter and that cain has to address the accusations against him. >> look. he is going to have to address those. i've said a couple times over the last few days is he's addressing them. i mean, if there is truth there, then, you know, he's got to have a long conversation with his family and with his supporters, and if there is nothing there, he needs to stand up and clearly go on about his business. >> meanwhile, a confident new gingrich says he will win the republican nomination. gingrich told abc news, he says the recent polls, the odds are very high he will be the nominee. >>> overseas now. new developments regarding nato air strikes last week against two pakistan border outposts. this morning, it's reported that pakistani officers gave the go ahead for the attack. "wall street journal" quotes unnamed american officers as saying the pakistani officers were unaware they had troops in the area. 24 pakistan soldier
FOX News
Dec 11, 2011 11:00am PST
series with the governor of texas. then where is the christmas spirit on capitol hill? with the tax hike hanging in the balance, what will congress do? we'll get the latest on where negotiations stand from senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. plus, top republican candidates go negative on newt gingrich. we will ask our sunday panel if the frontrunner can weather the political storm. and our power player of the week helps wounded warriors get home for christmas. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: hello again from fox news in washington. with just over three weeks until the iowa caucuses the republican candidates for president came out swinging last night at a debate in des moines. steve brown watched the action to see who scored and who missed. steve? >> reporter: chris, there were plenty of attempts to knock down newt gingrich the frontrunner a peg or two but the efforts came up short. >> we could start with his idea to have a lunar colony that would mine minerals from the moon. i'm not in favor of spending that kind of money to do that. eeoc said that he would like to el
FOX News
Dec 17, 2011 4:00pm PST
the pipe line. the key stone pipe line would run from canada to texas and create thousands of jobs along the way. mr. obama said he would postpone the decision on key stone until after the presidential election next year. the president making no reference to the pipe line today. >> i am pleased see the work that the senate has gonedone and agreement is for two months and my expectation and inexcusable for congress not to extend the tax cut for the rest of the year it should be a formality and hopefully done with as little drama as possible when they get income in january. >> the senate avoiding a shut down. and approving a spending bill to fund programs through next september. and the house passing it earlier this week and today's action not without fireworks. arizona senator john mccain. >> it is outrageous. i have amendments to save the taxpayers billions of dollars associated with this bill but never mind, because we are going to go home for christmas. >> and a legislation winning approval by scen-and a short time ago. the president signed the new spending bill in law. edhenry is live
Dec 26, 2011 3:00am PST
. seven people found shot to death in an apartment in grapevine, texas. police say it appears all the victims were related. police say all were shot while in the process of opening christmas gifts, or they just finished doing so. the suspect shooter is one of the seven fatalities. >>> a global think tank targeted in the u.s. was hacked. in a posting, says it stole confidential credit list. among the list of clients, bank of america, lockheed martin and the defense department. >>> thousands poured into st. peter's square to hear the pope's christmas message starting off with the unveiling of a larger than life nativity scene. he prayed for the end of violence in syria and comfort in the philippines. >>> back in action on christmas day. the dallas mavericks raising their championship banner then falling to lebron james and the miami heat 105-94. the king leading the way with 37 points. back in los angeles, kobe bryant and the lakers squared off gu s against the bulls. the bulls won that game 88-87. and carmelo anthony leading new york to a 106-104 victory. knicks winning. how than.
FOX News
Dec 18, 2011 4:00pm PST
away cart injuring seven people in texas, an electric cart with no driver plowing into a group of people after a high school football children game at cowboy stadium in arlington, the vehicle knocking one man into the passenger seat and another man jumping in and slamming on the brakes, none of the injuries is serious and the cowboys organization is investigating this incident. >> fox news on the job hunt. the u.s. unemployment rate dipping to 8.6% in november and a big reason for that drop. about 300,000 jobless people flat out stopped looking for work. here is encouragement. one industry is experiencing a major labor shortage and they're looking for people to hire and if you're looking, this is for you. claudia cowan is live for us. >> we're talking about experienced machinist the aen there are not enough of them yet their skills are in high demand and that's why hundreds of schools across the country are racing to train workers to fill scores of available jobs. >> america's economy was forged by machinists, but today, as a quarter of the nation's welders, engineers and steel
Dec 20, 2011 6:00am PST
hunkered down in the nation's midsection. blizzard warnings from colorado to new mexico to texas. wind gusts have been clocked at 50 miles per hour and some areas reporting up to 15 inches of snow and a remarkable 200-mile stretch of interstate 40 is now closed from albuquerque to the texas state line. >> this storm is one of the strongest ones i've seen in years, basically because of the wind. >> they told me to turn back. >> let's get the latest on that road closure, shall we? >> reporter for cnn affiliate in albuquerque. the storm is winding down, what about the road conditions? improving at all? >> well, yeah, the road conditions in the metro area in albuquerque proper have actually improved. they're pretty drivable and it's once you get out of the city, you head east, that's where the big mess is. for 14 hours now, 14 hours is what we're going on. the i-40 eastbound lanes from the heart of the city all the way to the texas state line are still shut down. you can see we're here in front of one of the onramps and the gates are still locked, why? because the state police, new mexico
Dec 22, 2011 4:00am EST
satellite picture shows clouds heading through the rockies, while another system is on the move from texas to the mid-atlantic state. later today, parts of the southwest will get another round of snow in the southeast will be rainy with a chance of strong thunderstorms. >>> now to sports. a dramatic end to the annual poinsettia bowl game. connected on a 42-yard touchdown pass. tcu held on to beat louisiana tech 31-24. >>> in college basketball, a win for fifth ranked north carolina. at home in chapel hill against texas, the tar heels got a season high 26 points from harrison barnes. john henson added 14 points as carolina cruised to an 82-63 victory. >>> in the nba, things got a little overheated between the heat and the magic in orlando. miami's lebron james was shoved to the floor and he fell and nothing was called on magic's quinton richardson. later, james bumped him and caused a technical foul. in another nba preseason game, the los angeles lakers kobe bryant did not play because of a torn ligament in his right wrist and the clippers blake griffin scored 30 points leading the way to a
Dec 20, 2011 5:00pm PST
deaths as it stretches from southeast colorado to northern texas. ten foot high snowdrifts, winds of 50 miles an hour. frigid temperatures are part of this monster storm. any holiday travel in the area that's at a stand still. karen, it seems like a huge storm. you saw some of the images. blizzard conditions spanning from colorado to kansas. how is the storm looking? >> this is a very fast-moving system. it has raced all the way from the four corners region and plowing into the central mississippi river valley. it's taking with it a lot of that moisture. it's getting modified quite a bit. we're starting to see some of the thunderstorms erupting across the leading edge of this system. this is the warm sector. on the northern edge that's where we've seen the snowfall. it has moderated quite a bit. taking a look at some of the pictures, images coming out of kansas, right around hayes, kansas. around interstate 70 going into and out of colorado. interstate 25 as well. through wyoming. very difficult travel here. we did see some blizzard conditions. in some instances the winds were gusting a
Dec 20, 2011 7:00pm PST
from southeast colorado to northern texas. ten-foot high snowdrifts, winds up to 50 miles per hour, frigid temperatures part of the storm. got any holiday travel in the area? that's pretty much at a standstill. cnn meteorologist karen maginnis joins us from from atlanta with the latest. a huge storm, saw some of the images there, blizzard conditions from colorado to kansas. how is the storm looking now? >> this was a very fast-moving system and it is really raced all wait from the four corners region and now it's plowing on into the central mississippi river valley. it's taking with it a lot of the moisture and it's getting modified quite a bit. we're starting to see some of the thunderstorms erupt across the leading edge of the system. this is called the warm sector. on the northern edge of this, that's where we've seen the snowfall. it's moderated quite a bit. taking a look at the pictures, images out of kansas right around hayes, kansas, along interstate 70 going into and out of colorado along interstate 25 as well and through wyoming. very difficult travel here. we did see bliz
Dec 31, 2011 5:00pm EST
of texas. so rick santorum is not shrinking from the fight. he also had a little bit of a shot at mitt romney saying to iowans, don't settle for something less just because you think that is what is going to win in this upcoming general election. so he's starting to sharpen the edges just a little bit. but he's sticking with the retail politics kind of message. he's hoping that's going to deliver him on caucus night, candy. >> jim acosta, i should point out one of the reasons reporters love iowa is that in general, you can show up at an event with a candidate and say, come on over here and talk to me and they actually do. after this, they get much bigger and it's hard to get to them. >> reporter: that's right. that's true. we'll take what we can get. >> thanks so much to jim acosta. you're absolutely right. thank you so much to jim and to joe. >>> coming up, political analyst ron brownsstein joins me to talk more about mitt romney's day. >>> welcome back to "the contenders 2012." we're taking the time this afternoon to let you hear from the 2012 presidential contenders, basically unfil
FOX News
Dec 9, 2011 5:00pm PST
for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from texas radio talk show host janine turner and with us here in los angeles michael reagan. first of all, michael, who do you think the president would rather against. >> i think he would rather run against newt gingrich right now. >> why? >> because i believe he thinks newt gingrich has a lot of baggage that he can use against him in the court of public opinion coming into an election of 2012. but i think today's day and age they don't care about baggage. they care about solutions. that's why you see newt gingrich ahead in the polls because during the debates has been talking about solutions instead of talking about the other people on the day -- >> bill: that might resonate with republicans who want president obama out of office. but those who are not g.o.p. supporters and who may have doubts about mr. obama's performance, might they be scared away by newt gingrich. >> right now you are going through the primary system. once you get through the primaries, they were going to be scared away by my father ronald reagan in 1980. he didn't turn tha
Dec 24, 2011 7:00am PST
on this christmas eve, causing treacherous travel from wisconsin to texas. so, which states will see a white christmas this year? everything you need to know to get to grandma's house safely this christmas. >>> the perks of procrastination. with less than 24 hours to go, it will be chaos today at america's malls. for those who waited, the deals will be huge. although, the lines will be long. if you're a procrastinator, are you actually better off waiting for the deals on the day after christmas? >>> royal scare. a frightening day for the royal family. prince philip, the queen's husband, is rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. we have the latest on the 90-year-old's condition. how will his illness affect kate's first royal christmas? >>> and -- ♪ jingle bells jingle bells ♪ ♪ jingle all the way >> kickoff your christmas with us. we have great tunes. ♪ with a one-horse open sleigh ♪ >> which will be the soundtrack to a fierce competition. which "gma" anchor can build the best gingerbread house? ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride ♪ ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride ♪ ♪ oh, wha
Dec 16, 2011 10:00am PST
possibilities from a state that we picked at random. this is washington. in texas, the dmv has just approved this. the cavalry hill plate depicting the site of jesus' crucifixion and the motto "one state under god." a group called the texas freedom network says the government shouldn't, and i quote, play favorites with faith. but defenders say freedom began with free expression for christians and everybody else. now i'm joined by the head of the legislative affairs for the liberty institute and also the president of the texas freedom network. thanks to you both for joining us. doing okay today? >> great. >> let's get this going. miss miller, your state has a plate that says "god bless texas" another one says "one nation under god," we have that one. you even have one that plugs a real estate company. so what's wrong with the cavalry plate? >> well, in this case, we really have a government body at least implying that they're promoting one faith over all others. and frankly, when you want to protect religious freedom, which is what my organization seeks to do, you want to avoid that at all co
FOX News
Dec 18, 2011 1:00pm PST
of buffalo and light showers in texas. again, we're going to see big time changes and all because of this low pressure system across the southwest that is starting to bring in light showers across the phoenix area and parts of the southern california. as we head into tonight and tomorrow, this system is going to get its act together and pulling a lot of moisture and cold air. we'll start to look at potential blizzard conditions for northeast new mexico all the way up to western portions of kansas. we do have advisories issued with a lot of snow in the forecast for those areas, that includes the texas panhandle and oklahoma panhandle up to 18 inches of snow could fall. of course, with a blizzard it's not the amount of snow but the winds and those cold temperatures. wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. very significant blowing and drifting. there are a number of blizzard watches across northeast new mexico and oklahoma panhandle and with the same storm system on the warm side of it, very strong thunderstorms with potential for severe weather across texas and also parts of southwestern louisiana
FOX News
Dec 11, 2011 3:00am PST
and look at parts of texas and good news every time we're in texas now, we've got some of that. a little bit of icing and the western side of that. and in texas as well. the west coast, you're looking good and you see a chance for showers moving in across parts of florida. looking at your forecast for the day today. a chilly one in the northeast, and snow showers yesterday, ten inches of snow. and it turns out, and that will be more sunshine and there will be some scattered showers and watch out, but the cool day with some scattered showers, and another nice day into the northern plains and 40 degrees in minneapolis and we'll take it, when you add to that some sunshine and across the west, another sunny day and a little bit of snow flying across the northern rockies and this evening a chance for showers at parts of california much more coming up here all morning long. >> all right, looks very festive. thanks so much, rick. >> go back to myrtle beach when it's warm and play some golf. thankfully he didn't fly with alec baldwin out there. >> that's right, alec baldwin had an incident on am
Dec 28, 2011 10:00am PST
to qualify for that state's primary ballot in march, the texas governor is the first to file suit. he's challenging the constitutional validity of virginia's law requiring 10,000 petition signatures from across the commonwealth. if he doesn't succeed, virginia republicans will have a choice of two when they go to the polls, mitt romney or ron paul. >>> north korea gave its dear leader a send-off today as only north korea can. the casket bearing kim jong-il who died 11 days ago made its way for three hours through a snowy pyongyang as north koreans wailed from the sidewalks. accompanying his hearse for the first few blocks was son and heir apparent kim jong-un. later we'll get perspective on the world's most secretive state. >>> despite the presence of arab lead monitors on the ground in syria there have been more deadly clashes. observers in the besieged city of homs came under fire as they were shown victims that witnesses say were killed by government security forces. viewers may find some of these pictures disturbing. witnesses say arab lead monitors were taken to a mosque to see t
Dec 24, 2011 5:00am PST
of texas where we have rain, sleet, even some snowfall. in speaking of snow, the big question a lot of people have is will we or will we not have a white christmas or is it going to be, well, quite frankly, one without snow? we'll have the answer coming up in a few moments plus we have a game day forecast to show you some of the big nfl games we'll have this weekend. what you as a fan can expect. >> all right, reynolds. we'll check in with you in a moment. thank you so much. meanwhile, fist fights. police using pepper spray, glass being smashed. these are shoppers doing all of this stuff. why? because they're after a pair of shoes. air jarodans. there it is. retro jordans re-released and people are kicking down doors and kicking each other to get them. stay with us. >>> coming up on eight minutes past the hour taking a look at news across the country. in aurora, colorado three firefighters had to be taken to the hospital after a chimney exploded. they were trying to put out flames inside a home and that back draft you hear about sometimes caused an explosion and knocking them off th
Dec 26, 2011 10:00am PST
a bizarre family murder-suicide in texas. on christmas day. we're getting new information about what really happened. i'd race down that hill without a helmet. i took some steep risks in my teens. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack. why kid myself? diet and exercise weren't lowering my cholesterol enough. now i'm eating healthier, exercising more, taking lipitor. numbers don't lie. my cholesterol's stayed down. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. it's backed by over 19 years of research. [ female announcer ] lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications, or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. [ man ] still love that wind in my face! ta
FOX News
Dec 17, 2011 1:00pm PST
texas, light showers, not enough to get us out of a drought but we will take it. whenever we can take it. across the southwest, look at that upper-level low pressure disthat is starting to spin right now. light showers across southern parts of california. as you head into the next seven days, it will started to intensify and move into the center of the country. we are looking at thunderstorm systems, strong winds across southern california. some of the reports coming out of thursday and friday across the area, 78 mile-an-hour wind gusts in southern california. a lot of wind with the storm system. and pretty quiet across most of the country, as we head into sunday and monday, that storm system is going to start to intensify heading to the four corners region. more snow in colorado and good for the ski resorts. not good for traveling or shopping. by monday across the center of the country, much colder air in the plains, snow in kansas and texas and panhandle and rain across central texas. >> heather: got to have that snow for santa because he is on his way. >> gregg: troubling new times fo
Dec 2, 2011 7:00am EST
per hour. also we are looking at a lot of wet weather making its way into texas today. snow back through the rockies and the central parts of the southwest. some areas in the rockies could see up to three to six inches of snow and rainfall in texas could approach two to three inches over the weekend. th >> we don't expect any rain today but there should be a front coming through. >>> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> thanks, al. >>> coming up, a popular country singer defies a jundge's order o return her son to florida. we'll hear what mindy mccready is saying and talk to t >>> just ahead, a special holiday edition of jill martin's steals & deals. >> and a cherished tv family. don't say it. >> good night john boy. >> first a check of your local news and weather. >> good night, john boy. with the capital one venture card we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned a holiday trip to the big apple twice as fast! dinner! [ garth ] we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang! it's hard to beat doubl
FOX News
Dec 10, 2011 3:00am PST
shower along the southeast florida coast and into texas. as you wake up it is cold toward the north at seven degrees in minneapolis so there is cold air out there. and cold front moving across the east but most of the showers offshore and across rhode island and cape cod and the lakes, bringing the winds over that and the colder air bringing the snow. but across the coastal areas we will see showers for the morning and the front will drift toward the east so we will see more showers around florida and the tail end of this around they next but anything to the north of that is looking absolutely beautiful today. no real problems. the high temperatures, 20's around the great lakes and 50's in texas and 70's around florida and tomorrow looking like the same. a repeat of this but cool. and dry in general. >>clayton: and now politics because tonight, this could be, perhaps, the biggest debate so for in the g.o.p. primary. because it is taking place in des moines. it is cohosted by abc and the des moines register but all eyes on what happens. hintsman is not part of it, because he is not p
Dec 23, 2011 7:00am PST
day. a little snow in the northern tier of the country, and western lakes. quiet in texas, and then some snow into new mexico as mentioned. also, going to be a windy day in southern california. santa anas kicking in. that will calm down later today. there's the snowstorm in new mexico, in roswell, wet weather in areas that need it. that rain stretches to the southeast christmas day. richard, that's going to be just about the only weather across the country on christmas day. back to you. >> have some great holidays, my friend. >> you, too. >>> here are other stories we are following. massive five alarm fire tore through a california neighborhood, left three injured, dozens homeless. 150 firefighters battled the fire that started in a house. high winds quickly spread that blaze and torched three apartment buildings. arson crews are trying to determine what caused this fire. >>> walmart and health officials are awaiting tests on a batch of powdered infant formula after a missouri newborn that drank it died from a rare infection. enfamiliar i will has been removed from 3,000 s
Dec 20, 2011 3:00am PST
outsider. a self-made businessman from "the real street." texas lieutenant governor david dewhurst, ted cruise and tom leopard are also vying for the same seat. >>> still to come on "american morning," the u.s. government is reacting to a shocking video that allegedly shows an american captured by the iranians. we'll tell what you the state department is now saying about that. >>> and you don't -- you think we don't manufacture in this country anymore. you're wrong. we'll take to you perhaps the most iconic company town in america. >>> it's 21 minutes after the hour.l lit it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? >>> 25 minutes after the hour. welcome back. we're "minding your business" this morning. europe's debt concerns and steep losses in the banking sector pushed u.s. markets lower yesterday. the dow lost .8%. nasdaq and s&p 500 lost more than 1% to start the week. and the lowest level since the low point of the financial crisis. pushing the banking se
FOX News
Dec 26, 2011 4:00pm PST
: and at christmas time. anita vogel live for us in los angeles. police in texas working to figure out why a man dressed as santa massacred his family. according to officials in the dallas area suburb of grapevine, the family had just finished unwrapping their christmas gifts. that's when cops say a relative in a santa claus costume opened fire and then killed himself. the family's neighbors left struggling to understand. >> quite terrified that this could happen less than 25 feet from where you sleep. >> there hasn't been any crime in this complex that they know of, not even a break-in. so to hear something like, this it's just shocking. >> police say they responded to the home after someone called 911 and hung up. when they arrived, cops found four women and three men dead. one of them the shooter. we're told the victims ranged in age from 18 to 60. officials say they won't release the victims' ids until autopsies are complete. and a fox urgent now and three people are dead after a medical helicopter crashed in florida. about an hour south of jacksonville. it killed the pilot as well as two me
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 272 (some duplicates have been removed)